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UFO Ball™

UFO Ball™

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Let your child rediscover playing outside!

Endless fun outside! This awesome toy looks like a ball, but it actually transforms into a flat UFO, which you can use like a Frisbee.

Children regularly spend too much time behind the tube or another screen. Time to change that. The UFO Ball™ is not like the classic ball, but a unique toy that changes shape.

Throw it at your opponent and watch it return to its original ball shape in flight! Who needs gadgets when you have a UFO Ball™ to play outside with!

The UFO Ball™ easily converts from a ball to a flat UFO. Due to the sturdy material, the ball has a long lifespan. The ball is made of safe materials so that your little one can have hours of fun without getting hurt.

How does the Game work?

  1. The game has two dice and ten numbered flaps on four sides.
  2. Each player takes turns rolling the dice.
  3. Each time the dice are rolled, the player may close one or more valves with a total value equal to the combined value of the two dice.
  4. For example, if a player rolls a five and a four, he can either close only the '9' flap, or both the '5' & '4' or '6' & '3' or '2', '3 ' and '4' or any other combination.
  5. If you cannot close a flap or several flaps to the value of the die, the turn goes to your opponent.
  6. The goal is to finish your turn and leave as few valves open as possible.


✓ Less screen time: The best of both worlds! You can play your favorite game while taking a little distance from all those gadgets!

✓ Playful Learning: A great tool to learn the basics of addition without knowing it!

✓ Good for development: It improves thinking ability, hand-eye coordination, to be patient and strategic!


  • Material: High quality Wood
  • Size: 220x220x35mm
  • Age: 3 years +

What is included

  • 1x Number Board Game™  Board game set

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