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Finger Paint Wheel™

Finger Paint Wheel™

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Discover your children's creativity!

This washable paint for children has been specially developed for the early development of children. This extensive, washable paint set will bring children happiness, fun and endless creativity. Let your kids make the most fantastic creations with different colors. Use brushes or just your fingers!

Kids are glued to the tube these days. Let your child discover the world full of color with this Paint Wheel. A great way to further develop the creative brain.


All About Finger Paint Wheel™

☆ Highlights

Stimulates creativity Because your little one can run free, she or he can develop her creativity.

Reusable Your little one can enjoy this Paint Wheel endlessly due to the infinite possible color combinations.

✓ Washable The paint is water-based and therefore easy to clean when children have accidentally been a little too enthusiastic.


📋 Specifications

  • Diameter: 240 mm
  • Leeftijd: 3+
  • High quality
  • Safe materials
  • Free of chemicals


📦 What is included

  • 1x Finger Paint Wheel


  • 1x Finger Paint Book


☑ Our Refund Policy

We offer a 14 day refund. If the product is still in the box.

How does the Game work?

  1. The game has two dice and ten numbered flaps on four sides.
  2. Each player takes turns rolling the dice.
  3. Each time the dice are rolled, the player may close one or more valves with a total value equal to the combined value of the two dice.
  4. For example, if a player rolls a five and a four, he can either close only the '9' flap, or both the '5' & '4' or '6' & '3' or '2', '3 ' and '4' or any other combination.
  5. If you cannot close a flap or several flaps to the value of the die, the turn goes to your opponent.
  6. The goal is to finish your turn and leave as few valves open as possible.


✓ Less screen time: The best of both worlds! You can play your favorite game while taking a little distance from all those gadgets!

✓ Playful Learning: A great tool to learn the basics of addition without knowing it!

✓ Good for development: It improves thinking ability, hand-eye coordination, to be patient and strategic!


  • Material: High quality Wood
  • Size: 220x220x35mm
  • Age: 3 years +

What is included

  • 1x Number Board Game™  Board game set

Our Refund Policy

We offer a 14 day refund. If the product is still in the box.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Ettie Boyer

It's great for the little ones to paint and entertain me.

Trace Boyle

Super Kids Love

Casimir Langworth

Kids havent try it yet but seem good so far. fast shipping and delivery

Carey Sanford

Cool paints for a child. Along with the stamps went very well

Matt Kreiger

Good quality, matching description